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Extreme Tree Shear

The NAI Extreme Tree Shear attached to your skid steer gives the operator the ability to cut logs and trees with a diameter of up to 12”. It has a 5” bore cylinder and generates up to 30 tons of shearing force.  

The NAI Extreme Tree Shear is built with a 1” AR400 blade, rotates 90 degrees and is offered in manual or hydraulic. With the use of the NAI Extreme Tree Shear, you take the guess work out of which way the tree will fall since our design ensures that the tree will fall to the right.

•5” x 12” Cylinder

•30 tons of shearing force
•1” thick AR400 blade
•90 degree rotation
•Offered in manual or hydraulic
•Cuts 12” trees or logs
Subject to change without notice.