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Stump Grapple 

The Stump Grapple attachment is made from 1/2 inch A-36 steel, 3/4 inch x 6 inch cutting edge and replaceable teeth. Think of the uses for this attachment…Not only are you able to dig out stumps but grip them tightly and carry them away.  

•23" tall
•2 Feet Wide
•4 Large Pin-on Teeth
•3" x 3" Square Tubing
•3/4" x 6" Cutting Edge
•1/2" Gussets all around for added strength and durability
• Protection plates on top and front of grapple
•Grapple opens to 37"
•1 1/4" Pins and bushings
•Counter-sunk grease fittings
Subject to change without notice.