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Snow and Dozer Blade Attachment

NAI's Snow and Dozer Blade attachment's unique design gives you a 4 way blade with the ability to push snow or dirt. By removing 2 pins, you have a 4 way snow plow that trips when hitting curbing or hard surfaces.  Powerful springs return the blade to the proper position after clearing the object. Leave the pins in and this attachment is a 4 way Dozer Blade.

 Blades come with a 1/2" thick by 8" wide reversible/replaceable bolt on the cutting edge. It angles with two 2" bore x 8" stroke cylinders and comes ready to use.

•operates as a snow plow with pins removed
•operates as a dozer blade with pins in
•2" bore x 8" stroke cylinders
•1/2" x 8" reversible/replaceable bolt on cutting edge
Subject to change without notice.