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Side Arm Snow Plow

The NAI Side Arm Snow Plow attachment is a must for anyone removing snow from flatbed trailers, raised sidewalks or anywhere access is limited with conventional snow removal methods.

Its unique design allows the host machine to hook up from either side, giving the operator the ability to work from the left or right side of the machine. The 108” blade will manually rotate 180°, hydraulically raise and lower and has two pin holes to allow for straight pushing or windrowing. The blade is designed to float on the tilt axis to allow for uneven surfaces. It comes with a 1” x 6” reversible rubber edge to protect scrapped surfaces and a rub wheel to allow guidance and traction.

NAI offers an optional De-Icer System to allow the operator to spray de-icer from the cab using two spray heads mounted behind the blade. A hand wand is included for hard to reach places. The system has a 35 gallon reservoir, an electric pump and a wiring harness to supply power & give the operator a switch for accurate spraying. 

Never be bothered with the work or liability of removing snow from hard to reach places. 

•hooks up from either side
•108" blade
•manually rotates 180°
•hydraulically raise and lower
•floats on tilt axis for uneven surfaces
•1" x 6" reversible rubber edge 
•optional De-Icer System with 35 gallon reservoir, electric pump & wiring harness
Subject to change without notice.