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North American Grapple

The North American Grapple promises full size performance in a compact size! This attachment is great for smaller projects where you need the power of a full sized grapple compacted into a mini size either for mobility, space or just lifting capacity on your machine. The cylinder has a 2 inch bore with a 10 inch stroke. Standard NA Grapples are built from top quality A-36 steel. The North American Grapple comes standard with 1 1/4 inch pins. It's great for moving brush, debris, logs, trees, stumps, old lumber; anything that nags you. The North American Grapple is durable and will do the job for you. 

•Optional spacer tines are available
•Frame available in 1/2" or 5/8" steel
•Available in standard or flat tines
•Cylinder has a 2" bore with a 10" stroke
Subject to change without notice.