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Light Duty Root Grapple

This grapple attachment is designed especially for smaller 40HP or less tractors and skid steers. The Light Duty Root Grapple features a lighter design yet is sturdy and durable enough for the toughest jobs.  

The frame is constructed from 3/8 inch A-36 steel with 3 inch square tubing and 3 inch OD round pipe. This grapple has a single top tine and cylinder that allows tight gripping power. It has 1 1/4 inch pins with counter sunk grease fittings and bushings at both ends of the pins. The cylinder comes with a heavy duty cylinder cover for extra protection.

•Optional spacer tines are available
•Unit sizes range from 48 inches to 72 inches
•Available in standard or flat tines
•3" x 3" x 1/4" wall Square Tubing
•30" top tine, although it is considered LD it can still grab large amounts of debris
•38"-40" opening
•2 1/2" Schedule 40" Pipe
•3/8" Top and Bottom Tines
•1 1/4" Pins and Bushings
•Single Cylinder 
•Designed for Tractors and small skid steers with the universal skid steer attachment
•1 year warranty on cylinder.
Subject to change without notice.



LD Root Grapple:

48"-420 lbs

60"-425 lbs

66"-445 lbs

72"-470 lbs