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Front Dump Bucket

The NAI Front Dump Bucket is essential in the poultry business or to anyone loading large quantities. This bucket will allow an extra 3 feet of dumping height to ensure full loading capacity of your truck or spreader. You will decrease load time, thus saving money.

The NAI Front Dump Bucket has 2” x 10” cylinders that are fully protected on each side of the bucket. The hydraulic hoses are concealed to protect them from harmful debris. All hinge points are greased through internal grease pins for longer life. This bucket is a must for anyone loading large capacity.

•36” extra dump height

•Protected 2" x 10" cylinders
•3/4" x 6" cutting edge
Subject to change without notice.

Front Dump Bucket:
72"-965 lbs
84"-1040 lbs
96"-1100 lbs