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Extreme Stump Bucket

NAI's Extreme Stump Bucket is a superb attachment for tough digging in small areas like around stumps and rocks. These buckets are made from A-36 steel and feathers a 1 inch cutting edge with pin on teeth. It is designed with a long curved bottom to allow maximum prying power. 

•Attachment built from 4" x 4" x 1/4" Square Tubing
•1/2" First quality steel on sides bottom & back
•5 ft. 7 inches Deep
•14" Wide across front
•20" Wide across back
•3 large replaceable cast teeth
•Serrated sides to help break loose roots and other debris
•1" x 8" cutting edge
Subject to change without notice.


Extreme Stump Bucket: 625 lbs

HD Stump Bucket: 310 lbs