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Extreme Root Grapple

NAI's Extreme Root Grapple is an excellent attachment for the tree industry, contracting industry, farm industry, scrap industry as well as the grading industry. It is also essential for storm damage clean up.  

The Extreme Root Grapple is superb for moving logs, brush, rocks or just about any type of debris. Each of NAI's hydraulic cylinders has a 2 inch bore with a 10 inch stroke and operates independently to adjust for uneven loads. All of NAI's Extreme Root Grapples are built with 5/8 inch top quality A-36 steel with counter-sunk grease pins and bushings at all hinge points. Each cylinder comes with a heavy duty cylinder cover for extra protection.

•Optional spacer tines are available 
•Unit sizes range from 60 inches to 96 inches
•Available in standard or flat tines
•5/8" thick first quality steel 
•5/8" thick top tines
•4" x 4" x 1/4" tubing
•3" O.D. schedule 40 pipe – 1/4" wall
•2" bore, 10" stroke twin cylinders that work independently
•1 1/4" pins and bushings with counter sunk grease fittings for that added protection against wear and tear on your pins
• new style flat-faced couplings – enclosed
Subject to change without notice


Extreme Root Grapple:
72"-996 lbs
78"-1064 lbs
84"-1144 lbs