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Brush Grapple

The design of the Heavy Duty Brush Grapple attachment makes it ideal for tearing into roots, trash, and rubbish then loading the debris into your dump truck. The shape of the Brush Grapple makes it easy to roll debris into tight piles if you are planning to burn.

It’s easy-to-use design allows you to pick up debris without removing the soil. The full width single tine ensures you get all the debris without leaving anything behind. 

The brush grapple is constructed from 1/2 inch A-36 steel. It has a full width tine operated by two cylinders and a solid back for operator safety.  

•Cylinders are built with a 2 inch bore and a 10 inch stroke  
•1/2" top quality steel construction
•Opens 42” wide to grab the bigger material
•Closes tighter then our normal grapples
•1 1/4" pins and bushings with counter sunk grease fittings
•Gussets on the front tips for added protection
•3" x 3" x 1/4" HD Tubing
Subject to change without notice.

 60":  860 LBS
 66":  920 LBS
 72":  996 LBS
  78":  1064 LBS
  84":  1224 LBS
  96":  1350 LBS