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The NAI Standard and Heavy Duty Augers are ideal for easily creating the hole you need for your next job, whether it is putting up a fence, planting trees or shrubs, or adding a deck to your house. Eat through frozen ground, tree roots, sticky clay, or rocky soil with the NAI Auger. With a variety of bits available, just about any size hole can be created with our Augers.

•2" hex output shaft
•2 9/16" round shaft available
•pivots vertically and horizontally
•engineered for maximum strength and durability
•bidirectional motor
•high torque planetary drive for power and a long life of use

4", 6", 9",12", 18", 24", 30", 36" bits available
Subject to change without notice.

                                                                  Standard Auger                                Heavy Duty Auger          

                              Maximum Auger  Diameter:                         36"                                                36  
                              Maximum Flow:GPM:                                  16                                                  20
                              Maximum Pressure:PSI                              3000                                             3200
                              Torgue Output: LB-FT                                1250                                             1800:::

                              Weight:                                                     340 LBS                                        360LBS